An RDT&E analysis consists of:

...Section I infrastructure: Provides a profile of your area and its RDT&E
infrastructure, including federal, university and non-profit research units,
innovation companies, technology transfer offices, incubators,
science/technology parks, economic development groups,
innovation/entrepreneurial networks and small business development centers.
May include analysis and recommendations.
...Section II research/patent trends: Provides a year by year look at the
federal R&D projects awarded or active in your area by performer and awarding
agency from 1993. This will give you a sense of the direction of your area’s
R&D effort tracked over time, the most prolific R&D performers and the most
active agencies in your area. Provides a comparison with immediate neighbors
and your state as a whole. May include analysis and recommendations.
...Section III research/patent details: Provides a detailed look at the most
recent year where you had federally funded research projects, including the
funding agency, program breakdown, performer, the years of the project and
the dollars involved. May include analysis and recommendations.
...Section IV findings and recommendations: Provides a detailed analysis
based on the findings of sections 1 through 3, along with recommendations.
RDT&E Analysis
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